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Pricing and Payment Policies



Call the office for individual school pricing.


CMS Early Release (Optional Care): $9/day/child should be added to your normal weekly tuition


Winter and Spring Break (Optional Care): $35/day for the first child; $30/day for siblings. A minimum of 20 students must enroll in winter or spring break for the facility to operate.


Payment Options: Payments may be made online with debit or credit card. You may also pay by cash, money order, cashier’s check, debit or credit card in our facility. Full weekly fees are charged for school weeks with holidays and/or workdays. If your child attends for a full day during school weeks, extra fees will be added depending on activity planned.

Fee Payment Policy: Registration fees are due prior to enrollment and are nonrefundable. Fees are due on or before Monday of the week of care. Fees may be paid in advance for any period of time. The full weekly fee is due regardless of the number of days a student attends. Fees are pro-rated at the start of the school year for incoming Kindergarten students only because of the CMS staggered entry. If a holiday or snow day occurs on a usual fee collection day, an extra day of fee collection will be added without penalty. Checks or money orders should be made payable to: The ASCZ.

Late Payment Penalties: Weekly fees are due on Monday for the week of care. If fees for the week haven't been paid on Monday, a $5 late fee is assessed and a $3 late fee is assessed each day thereafter. (Example: If your tuition is $60/week and you cannot make payment until Thursday, you would add $5 for Tues., and $3 for Wed. and $3 for Thurs.) If you will not be making full payment on Friday, remember to make other arrangements for your child’s transportation home and after school care for Monday. Your child cannot return to our program until full payment of the balance due has been made. A $25 registration fee is due at re-enrollment the following Monday (not the late fee).

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